Our story

A very warm welcome to Trete!

In case you're wondering, the inspiration for the name Trete comes from the Middle English spelling of 'treaty', a mechanism to create peace. Peace is what lies at the heart of the Trete brand which is why you'll see our logo, the Tree of Life on everything we make.
We love to think that wearing our clothes keeps you nurtured, comfortable and feeling great as you travel.

Our clothing range is tailored for the outdoors and for exploring and being inspired by nature. Our designs maximise texture, fabric character, colour and die techniques to create the style and uniqueness which Trete is known for.
Using thick warm, fitted fabrics with subtle detailing and a high colour pallet, toned using an earthy or vintage wash. We have a wonderful range of organic Ts which complement wellbeing activities so they are lightweight, soft and really, really comfortable! 

Well-being isn't only achieved with the wind in your hair so we also do a small but fabulous range of yoga / fitness kit from Xdenay, Acai and Pure lime. All made using fabrics that increase mobility and style, these clothes are your best companion for your mind and body enhancing yoga sessions! 

We also wanted to let you know about our flagship product, which are our handmade, personalised bespoke leather jackets. Made from beautiful, high quality hide to your specific measurements and personal style. We call them 'Life Jackets' as they are made especially for you and will stay with you for life. 

And finally for now, a word about our friend and founder, Matt. 

Matt has set about creating a brand and business borne from his beliefs, life experience and his own journey. A focus on high quality, non-disposable, stylish, comfortable clothing for people who are on an active life journey. Where possible, using local suppliers and unswervingly high ethical standards through production and supply chain. 

Our strongest wish is that you enjoy your own journey and Trete would be privileged to travel alongside you. Anyway! That’s enough about us… we hope you enjoy looking through our website and hopefully find something that takes your fancy and we hope to see you again soon! Don’t forget we have our lovely little boutique in Bury St Edmunds so do come in and say Hi!