Tailoring by Trete

Here at Trete we have noticed a gap in the market, especially in the area of our lovely little boutique in Bury St Edmunds; the need for not just brilliant quality leather jackets but handmade, made to measure leather jackets! The frustration of finding a leather jacket that you love the design of but does not fit right is no more!

We have a wide range of leather jackets here at Trete to choose from which can all be made to be the perfect fit and also you can choose the colour of the logo you wish to have! We have put together a form that you can fill out online or print off and bring into store. This has all the information you need to design your perfect jacket with all your measurements and preferences.

Tailoring by Trete gives you the opportunity to either buy a perfect jacket for yourself or create a bespoke gift for someone you love that is handmade just for them! A unique timeless gift that lasts a lifetime.

To buy one of our lovely made to fit jackets, click on the link below, print and fill out the form with your details and email to sales@trete.co.uk. We will be in touch shortly after to confirm receipt and let you know when to expect delivery of your jacket!

Please click here for the Trete Tailoring forms




Customise your jacket with one of these colours.